It is my mission at cityWell to provide affordable and accessible preventive health care to a wide range of urban wellness seekers while making self-care part of everyday life and not just a luxury.

Now, more than ever we need to find ways to bring well-being into our homes and into our lives, by creating simple rituals to help us feel WELL, cared for and connected to our bodies.

With House of Well, it will be my goal to share the many rituals I have cultivated over the years to heal my body and my mind.

Eat Well

My easy recipes for healthy eating. Make them yours!

My favorite salad for summer: Caprese :🍅🌿


Heirloom tomatoes, red onion, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil... This is the perfect combo in my book! 

Quick and easy to prepare, satisfying as a meal or starter, for lunch or dinner.

Option - Add slices of fresh peaches or nectarines for a little bit of sweetness…

Or substitute avocado for mozzarella if you would like a vegan option! 

Dress with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt & pepper! 

Pair with a light dry Rose 🌸

Well tip! If you can’t find fresh basil at the farmers’ market, you can grow some! It’s so easy and makes it that much more special. 🌱 

How have you been feeling? Eating? Digesting? During these times it’s easy to lose track of being mindful around food. Try to take a moment to tune into your body. Take a deep breath before you take your first bite. Try to savor and enjoy. 


Pineapple/Blackberry breeze 🍍☂️


This drink was a big hit when I made it on a whim a while back. It’s a refreshing, frothy, fabulous way to infuse your life with antioxidants (from the berries),  digestive enzymes (from the pineapple) and electrolytes (from the coconut water)! It is fun and easy to make! 

Enjoy it with or  without my favorite spirit of the moment,  Mezcal.

You will need:

  • Pineapple juice (a small can or juice from canned pineapple 
  • Coconut water 
  • Blackberries (5 or so) 
  • Ice cubes
  • Mezcal (optional) 

In a shaker or mason jar with a top add ice 

  • Coconut water 6-8oz
  • A splash of coconut juice 
  • Ice cubes 3-4
  • Mezcal (optional)

Shake for a minute or so or until you notice a nice frothy consistency. Pour into a rocks glass~ enjoy as a dessert or pre-dinner cocktail.

Mezcal is my drink of the moment. If you have not tried it, you should! A Smoky cousin of tequila, Mez distilled from the Agave plant and comes from Mexico. For more info here is a great article from The NY Times.

Feel Well

I love finding ways to treat my body well. Make them a part of your daily rituals at home!

My time out: Yoga Sanctuary with Erica Mather


During this “ Pause” I have often thought about offering a stretching and meditation class for you all, but it’s hard to find the discipline to commit. I still might, but until then, you can try “Yoga Sanctuary” on Fridays from 12-1:15pm with Erica Mather.

Erica is a friend and colleague who I met when I first moved to the city and we both worked at a wellness studio in the city. 

This well-rounded and nicely flowing class starts with a reading which she thoughtfully choses to set the “tone” of the class. Then we move into a gentle slow flow which seems to touch in every part of my body that needs it.

She will ask if anything needs attention and she leaves time for questions at the end.

It’s my Friday ritual. It’s lovely and I highly recommend it… seems they will be continuing all summer this way. Check it out and pay what you can. If you are interested in getting the link go the Yoga Sanctuary on Zoom please e mail Erica! ericamather@gmail.com

Erica is also the author of the new book “Your Body, Your Best Friend”. 

This book helps you to tune into your body and she writes so honestly and eloquently about the concept of “befriending your body”.  

We have some in our shop now. Get 15% off with your code FEELWELL15. Purchase here.

And she’s doing a summer book group


Live Well

 Take a beach Day! 🏖



This past weekend, as the temperatures soared and the quarantine fatigue really set in, I was in desperate need of “escaping”! 

The first thing I could think of was that I wanted to be by the water. As you probably know by now I believe in the healing power of water, even if it’s just to look at it!

So on Saturday, two of my friends and I ventured to the dock in Sunset Park to take the Ferry to Far Rockaway Beach. It’s the same price as the subway and is a fun and easy way to travel even if getting the dock is not the easiest. It also takes off from Wall St! Here is the link!

There are no refreshments like usual (at least when we went on the boat) but the ride is 45 mins long and you can byob it seems?!

The drop-off is only a short walk from the beach! Follow the crowd or take a free shuttle to another popular spot on the boardwalk.

There are a few Delis where you can buy snacks, but concessions should now be open! 

Find a day or an afternoon (if possible not a weekend as the ferry can be busy at night) and get away! Change your perspective and dip your toes in the sand and water!


A trip to the Hamptons

This may sound fancy (and it is!) but I just really needed a bit more of a getaway so I hopped on the LIRR on Monday to Southampton. I had stayed there once before, years ago, off season. Only two hours on the train. Go on a weekday and you will find much  better deals. 

The Southampton Inn where I stayed was a bit pricey ($250 for one night) but totally worth it! A beautiful pool, lots of greenery and places to sit and relax, a nice room, accommodating  staff, and a shuttle to the beach anytime you want between 10-5! They have towels at your disposal! 🙂

The little village is charming.  The first night I ate at a lavish restaurant, 75 Main. The following evening I went to a French restaurant, Le Chalet where I sipped Rose and had an ample and delicious salad nicoise. 

All in all I was away for 36 hours. I returned yesterday with a renewed energy and focus. I highly recommend it if you can swing it! This time it was a lifeline! 

Links to Southampton Inn and another B&B !