What is a Boutique Bathhouse?

The meaning of “boutique” is a small, intimate space with thoughtfully hand-picked items that are beautiful and functional and enhance the quality of life. “Bathhouse” refers to the ancient tradition of communal bathing and caring for one’s body, practiced throughout the ages. cityWell will bring these ancient healing traditions to life, making hydrotherapy a ritual, part of everyday life, not just a luxury!

Some of the benefits of hydrotherapy include:

      • increased immune function
      • decreased stress
      • elevated mood
      • improved sleep quality
      • improved circulation / flushing of toxins
      • decreased blood pressure


[box color=”gray” style=”rounded” border=”full”] Click here to read Liz’s interview on Well+Good on how to have an ultra-detoxifying sauna experience. [/box]

Our Mission & Vision

The Mission of cityWell is to provide a place to feel better and live better in the city. The Vision is to make preventive health care affordable and accessible to a broad range of urban residents. cityWell integrates the healing qualities of nature and the elements of wood, fire, earth and water, into the experience.

We offer top of the line quality of service and equipment including: a steam room, luxurious rain showers, indoor relaxation area, hot stone massage therapy with customized aromatherapy. Our 1,500 sq foot outdoor oasis includes: sun benches / relaxation and lounge area, soaking tub, cedar sauna, outdoor shower, hammock, fire pit, and yoga/stretching platform.

cityWell is not like anything that exists in Brooklyn – truly, paradise in the city!


About Liz

cityWell is the creation of Liz Tortolani, who has worked in the wellness field for more than 17 years.

Originally from Vermont, she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in art therapy at Springfield College in Massachusetts. After graduation, Liz moved to Seattle, and attended The Brian Utting School of Massage where she earned her massage therapy license. In 2003, Liz completed her yoga teacher training (RYT) at 8Limbs Yoga. In 2005, Liz returned to the East Coast to receive her holistic health certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York City.

One of her main inspirations for cityWell was to provide a place not only to prevent illness but to have a place to heal. After Liz’s diagnosis with Crohn’s disease at the age of 13, she spent years in and out of hospitals and on a lot of medication, but without any real change. Until, at age 21 when she studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, and had her first experience at a Korean Bathhouse. During those six months she saw her health improve greatly. She discovered how integral nutrition, yoga, and time at the bathhouse were to her overall health. Years later, during another period of poor health, she found similar respite at Seattle’s Hothouse Spa. For seven years, Liz has been pursuing another life dream; working with post-op heart surgery patients at Columbia Presbyterian with their Integrative Medicine Team.

Liz has worked extensively over the past eight years to refine and perfect the concept of an urban oasis. She has collaborated with Architect/Designer Deborah Mariotti of MariottiStudio to help her design – what she feels is the “perfect” space – that has brought the vision of cityWell to life.


About Deborah

Deborah Mariotti of MariottiStudio worked closely with Liz Tortolani from the very beginning, years ago, when cityWell was just an idea in the heart of a very gifted and determined client.

Working together with Liz was an amazing creative adventure and learning experience about a new brand slowly shaping its identity through a clear vision of the client, a beautiful graphic image curated by the talented Kate Dautrich, and ultimately through the design of the physical space of the bath house and outdoor space, designed by Deborah. It was also the start of a lifelong friendship with Liz.

Deborah grew up and studied in Italy, where she was exposed to the beautiful historical architecture and art and modern Italian design that inspire her everyday when she works on her projects.

After attending Architecture and Design at the Politecnico di Milano and working for 8 years in Milano at Vudafieri Partners, she then moved to New York where she worked for another 3 years in an interior disegn firm in Soho before starting her own Interior Design and Architecture firm in 2009.

MariottiStudio, based in Dumbo, is led by Deborah with the close collaboration of Tommaso Mariotti, an architect and interior designer as well, who is based in Italy. The firm works both on residential, retail and commercial projects, in NY, across the US and Canada and Europe, preferring not to specialize on one type of project, believing that to diversify their design work is essential to the creative process and final project results.

The firm won the ACO award in 2017 for the adaptive reuse interior design of a 1880 Church into a medial Spa, near Toronto, Canada.

Current projects are a townhouse in Brooklyn, apartments in Manhattan, a restaurant, 2 stores in California, a showroom, offices and ice cream kiosks.