Dry Brushing

This ancient self-care treatment is an easy way to stimulate the lymphatic system, the body’s natural way to detoxify. It is also a great way to improve circulation. Other benefits include – removing dead skin cells while tightening pores. 

And the best benefit of all is that it just feels really good!!!

Start brushing, moving from the top of your feet up your legs towards your heart. Be can be gentle with your strokes as this is working on the lymphatic system right under the skin. Make sure you get under your arms and if you have a brush with a handle, brush your back as well. The brush can have softer or stronger bristles. It is your preference. A smaller brush with soft bristles is good for the neck and face. 

In the Ayurvedic tradition, this is done every morning before bathing. 

Dry brushing is best if followed by a massage or an application of your favorite oil. 

I strongly recommend our RESTORE body oil 🙂

You can find dry brushes in pharmacies or you can order online. 

We hope to get some in our shop before too long!