Now that we are spending so many hours at home these days, creating a comfortable, creative as well as visually relaxing space is vital!

Finding a space you really enjoy is one of the most important things, especially right now!

I realize this may be hard when you are sharing your home space with others or your family, but even if you can find a corner of a room to “feel good”, that’s a great start!

I love looking at Design magazines or browsing Pinterest (link) for inspiration!

Even if you are not into design those are great ways to get ideas.

Spend an afternoon or an hour arranging your own space. Make it fun! Put on some music, have a glass of wine, light a candle, and let the vision flow.

I recommend making it comfortable – a place where you can sit on the floor (to stretch or meditate or work) even if it’s not an entire room.

Often a piece of art inspires me. Currently a painting by @jaymiriam adorns my fireplace and really brings the space together with its vivid colors.

I also think that having a plant, flowers, colorful pillows, candle art and some books you like really contribute to the “feel” of a space.

At cityWell, we use color, wood, blankets, coloring books, plants to make the space feel warm and comfortable.

Whatever you create, have fun with it, think about it, make it yours, enjoy the process and the result!

Let us know how it goes. I would love to see your spaces in your home!