Also known as water therapy, hydrotherapy involves the use of hot and cold elements to detoxify, relieve discomfort, promote relaxation and overall physical well-being. Hydrotherapy includes luxurious rain showers, outdoor shower (seasonal), soaking tub, dry cedar sauna, and aromatherapy steam room. Filtered water, fresh-brewed tea, almonds, seasonal fruit, robes, towels, and flip flops are included.

Your session will be private, meaning no other clients will be using the hydrotherapy, though to utilize our space well, and accommodate our clients there may be an indoor or outdoor massage in the cabin or under the pergola. There will always be plenty of space for everyone’s comfort and safety.

Private Hydrotherapy

For 1 person
60 mins – $195
+ADD Cold Plunge – $220

For 2 people
90 mins – $275
+ADD Cold Plunge – $300

For 3-5 people 90 mins – $460 2 hours – $545 A non-refundable deposit required. +ADD Cold Plunge – $50 Additional guests, MAX 7 – $50 Call 347-294-0100 to book

family hydrotherapy

A relaxing way to bring family together! Must be members of the same family. Children must be between the ages of 10-18 andaccompanied by one adult family member or guardian. Robes included. Call 347-294-0100 to book

Family (3-5 people)
75 mins – $325
+ADD Cold Plunge – $50
Call 347-294-0100 to book


COLD PLUNGE – $25 (1-2ppl), $50 (3+ppl)



Massages include hot stones and customized aromatherapy
Table massage – $40

To book cold plunge or mini massages, email us at or call 347-294-0100


Improved Circulation, muscle relaxation, aids in healing of muscle tissue, decreases inflammation, increases relaxation, and release of endorphins, improved immune function, better sleep and overall feeling of well-being.

To cleanse off the day. A temperate shower is best. Not too hot or cold. Begin to relax the body and mind and prepare for the hydrotherapy experience.

I recommend about 5-7 min in our aromatherapy steam room. We use Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemon. Breathe in the aroma, open your pores, and begin to sweat out toxins. Good for your lungs, skin, mind.

This is to cool the body down which helps flush out the lymphatic system. This removes toxins faster than they would normally. The areas important to get cool/cold are under the arms, groin, and neck area, where much of your lymph lives.

We recommend soaking for approx 10 mins in the tub. The warm water is great for relaxing your muscles, it can ease joint pain and improve mobility. Hydrotherapy releases endorphins which helps to naturally decrease pain and improves circulation and relaxation. *It is easy to say too long in the tub, this can cause lightheadedness and nausea. ***If you have been fasting, or under the weather or drinking alcohol it is very important to be mindful of how you feel and limit your time in all the hydro elements.

To continue the lymphatic flushing and to cool down in-between hot hydro elements try the cold plunge or cold shower. *It is important if you have any heart conditions please be mindful of extremes of any sort.

This is where your body can continue to sweat out toxins and where your pores begin to tighten. We recommend 10 mins in the sauna. Enjoy a clay mask or a clementine while you relax. *Always stay hydrated to replenish the fluids you are releasing.

This is a VERY important part of the circuit! Rinse or plunge to allow the body to fully cool down and to leave the body feeling rejuvenated and cleansed.