Dry Brush or not dry brush? That is the question!

This has been on my mind since early winter. Everyone is talking about dry brushing!  Why dry brushing, you ask? Well, let me explain. 

First, consider dry brushing as a ritual. Take time to give yourself and your skin some attention, you deserve it! Dry brushing not only stimulates the lymphatic system, but also exfoliates skin and gives you a moment to connect with your body.

The art of dry-brushing

This ancient self-care ritual has been practiced for thousands of years and still has staying power today. Dry body brushing has been used by almost all great civilisations – ancient Egyptians, Ayurvedic tradition in India. 

How  to do it properly? Always brush using small sweeping strokes toward the heart. Why?  Well, because you work with the body lymph flow. The lymphatic system travels up toward the neck. You will move the lymph under the skin to get rid of toxins accumulated in your body.

Starting by the top of your feet, move up to your legs, inner thighs, groin area (that has a lot of lymph nodes). Then, brush your belly, your sides and under the arms (the arm pits also have lots of lymph nodes). Lastly, brush from your fingers up to your arms and shoulders.

Use a brush with a long handle for your back, and if you are lucky to live with someone it can be a nice trade “I’ll dry brush your back, if you brush mine.”   Don’t forget your face! You might  want to use a smaller brush, with soft bristles for sensitive skin. I just bought one while in Vermont.  Find them online in our shop.  

Once again, use an upward motion on the neck, the jaw line, the cheeks, around the eyes, the nostrils, between the eyebrows, the forehead and the temples. When you are done, it is the perfect time to take a nice shower or a bath. You don’t have to, but it’s an easy way to incorporate dry-brushing into your routine.

Finish by applying a body oil or a moisturizer of your choice (apply on moist skin for best results). My favorite body oil for winter is Restore – our woody and grounding blend. It smells so good!

For the face, I love the Petal Mist and Facial oil from Aba Love Apothecary. Apply and gently massage your face, and if  you have one you can even use a jade roller. Almost as good as going to the spa! 

If you prefer to have someone else  do it, treat yourself to our Facial Rejuvenator (we use Petal Mist and Facial oil from Aba Love Apothecary) combined with 30 mins of private steam. It’s a dream! 

Dry brushing is great but don’t do it more than once a week (once every two weeks for those with extra sensitive skin). The important thing is taking time for yourself.