These exfoliating and nourishing treatments will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated, skin glowing and spirit renewed. Enjoy outside in the Cabin, or inside in our cobalt rain shower.

Seasonal! Renew Spring Scrub
30 mins of Aromatherapy Steam room followed by a 30- min full-body sugar scrub in the shower with our Renew body oil. A skin-brightening treatment using our renew aromatherapy line with uplifting notes of lemon, bergamot and blood orange that also encourages the flow of energy/chi. This spring scrub will prepare your winter skin for the warmer days ahead. Approx 75 mins, $175

Gommage means to “scrub” or “erase” in French. This traditional Hammam (steam room) treatment includes 30 mins of our aromatherapy steam room and soaking tub, then an application of Black Soap with an exfoliating mitt to detoxify and nourish the skin. Finish with a full body shampoo of your choice from our body care line. Take your mitt home!
Approx 90 min, $225

Revive Aromatherapy Salt Scrub
Steam & Soak followed by a full body scrub with our Revive custom blend of Epsom salts, dried herbs and essential oils. Experience in our cobalt rain showers or under the pergola (seasonal).
75 mins, $200

CBD Hair Mask to nourish your scalp and restore your hair with scalp massage, 20 mins | $20
Full body application and light massage with the body oil of our choice from our cityWell Essentials body care line, 25 mins | $50
Application of our cityWell Essentials body care line shampoo and conditioner, 15 mins | $30

Body Rejuvenator
30 mins of steam followed by a full-body dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system, help the body eliminate toxins, and exfoliate the skin. Finish with an application of Aba Love Petal Hydrating Mist and Skin Nourishing Tonic to hydrate your skin.
Approx 75 mins, $195

Facial Rejuvenator, Gentle dry-brushing + application of Aba Love Petal Hydrating Mist and Skin Nourishing Tonic, approx 25 mins | $50


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