Eat with the color of the rainbow

The meals I have been making recently and the recipes I have followed over the years are very easy, tasty and always colorful!

This is a great way to get many of the vitamins and nutrients you need while boosting your immune system. This tip can be used for the colors of what you drink as well! Just like cityWell you can add some citrus to your water! (Wash fruits and veggies first!)

A little advice when shopping – What colors appeal to you? Are you drawn to greens, reds, purple, orange, yellow? It might change from time to time, but anytime you go to your neighborhood grocery or shop online, listen to what your body wants. This is a sign your body is asking for what it needs.

MY RAINBOW SALAD:  I started to make many variations of salads for my meals. 

Not only are they quick and easy, (especially for one person) but they are colorful, healthy and packed with vitamins and nutrients!

Choose your veggies: Wash and cut them and then choose your greens. I love spinach and arugula (always wash them first, especially now) 

Then, top your plate/bowl of greens with your colorful array of veggies. I love to top my salads with cottage cheese, and or any type of cheese. You can also add tuna, smoked or canned salmon for protein or a hard boiled or fried egg.