Sunday, September 22nd, 5:15-6:30pm

Equinox represents finding balance; it is the day when daytime and nighttime are the same length. Fall in NYC comes in like a gust of wind, shifting the leisure days of summer into busy project oriented ones. This time is exciting, but can be a bit anxiety inducing. We will harness the energy of the equinox, and balance and ground in yoga postures. The practice will end in a yoga nidra to balance the left and right sides of the body, which energetically balances activity and receptivity.

Partake in Open Hours just before to get the added benefit of feeling warm and open (both physically and energetically), which will prepare you for a deeper experience. You'll leave the practice feeling balanced, grounded, and refreshed.

Raquel Rosario

As a sadhaka of the ISHTA lineage, I teach my classes in the spirit of ISHTA so that students are able to discover and move in a way that resonates, even in a group setting. I typically begin my classes by asking students to request/suggest physical and energetic aspects that they would like to address in class. I then use intuition to create a class that is dynamic and balanced, incorporating asana, pranayama, kriya techniques and meditation. It is my hope that students become empowered to shape their practice so that it best fits their needs.