Sunday, Sept 23rd from 2-3pm

$20 in advance
$50 to add OPEN Steam | Soak | Sauna – $10 off (3-5pm)

This 60 minute class begins with a slow, alignment focused vinyasa flow and transitions into a yin practice with a focus on opening up the shoulders and hips. You will breathe and relax your way into stretching overworked muscles in a deep, healing way. All levels welcome. Please arrive 15 minutes early and bring your yoga mat. Space is limited to 8.

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Palak began her yoga journey as an athlete and runner looking for a way to alleviate pain and injuries. Little did she know what the one Power Vinyasa class she signed up for at Gold’s Gym would lead to. Almost 10 years later and a lot of internal wrestling and wrangling, Palak has committed herself to a spiritual journey grounded in yoga, meditation and self-study. Her classes are designed with the individual in mind. Being in a yoga space with Palak is as if you are on a lily pad in a pond  — a place for rest, a  gentle stepping stone in wherever you are going or a safe place to leap into the unknown — a practice that is accessible, integrated, and light hearted.