Japanese Acupuncture uses gentle needling techniques to help improve the flow of energy in the body. Energetic blockages manifest in a wide variety of ailments: physical, mental and emotional. By inserting tiny needles in specific points along the body's meridians, these blockages can be released leading to harmonized body systems and better health..

For new clients, please fill out our acupuncture intake form before arriving.

Private Sessions
(Tuesday afternoons from 3 to 8pm)
Sessions will be in our indoor treatment room or outside in the Cabin (our lightly heated cedar sauna custom built for a massage/acupuncture experience).

Initial Visit
This 75-min session begins with a detailed look at the body systems as a whole in order to assess symptoms and develop a treatment plan. Since every body responds differently to acupuncture, the initial treatment is an important diagnostic tool. 
75 mins | $145

Follow-up Visit
60 mins | $125

Cupping Session
Cupping will help facilitate movement of blood and energy throughout the body and provide relief of tension and pain from areas of stagnation. Cupping promotes blood circulation and can ease pain and stress.
30 mins | $50

NEW! Cupping + Steam
Adding the Aromatherapy Steam increases the benefits by relaxing and preparing the body to receive the cupping treatment.
60 mins | $100


Every Tuesday from 10-12pm

In keeping with our mission to provide affordable and accessible preventive health care, we offer community-style mini acupuncture sessions in both the Cabin and the smaller cedar sauna (two clients in each to maintain social distancing). Wear comfortable clothes and don't forget your mask!  *Hydrotherapy currently not included.

Mini Acupuncture, Approx 45 mins – $35
Mini Acupuncture + SOAK, Approx 60 mins – $65

+ Please call us at 347-294-0100 if you would like to add:
Chair Massage, 15 mins | $30